1.11.1 IS NOW LIVE!
The 1.11.1 version of the game announced for today is now available in all servers! [More...]
2014-11-27 22:23
Version 1.11.1 coming up tomorrow!
Hey everyone!

We're glad to let you know that tomorrow, Friday, November 28th at 8 AM GMT we'll upload the 1.11.1 version of the game.

For a full list of changes, click HERE!

Best Regards! [More...]
2014-11-13 12:42
New invasions are here!
At last! The new version 1.11 with new invasion mechanics is available right now!

For more details, check the changelog here. [More...]
2014-11-12 16:58
1.11 Coming up! - Invasion mechanics!
Hey all,

As you may already know, we're working on a huge series of changes involving the invasion gameplay mechanics, and now we can say we've finally finished the update and it's ready to launch!

The Champions of Regnum 1.11 Version will be uploaded to all live servers tomorrow, November[...] [More...]


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