Aqui você irá encontrar informações sobre as alterações atuais que podem ser encontradas no Servidor de Testes e alterações já realizadas e atualmente disponíveis em nossos servidores de produção.
Essa lista traçada para facilitar o teste de novas funcionalidades, modificações e consertos.
Assim que uma atualização é colocada nos servidores de produção, as alterações atuais são movidas para a lista de patches anteriores.

Alterações atuais (servidor de testes)

Versão: 1.13 (Data: 2015/11/27)


- Modified: Multirealming. Now, as soon as the player enters the world the game checks if in the last 48hs another realm was accessed. If so, the player is flagged as a "multirealmer" and will not get any reward from the War (WM Coins, RPs, Gold)
- Added: Redeem Warmaster Coins. In the Character Sheet information, there will be an "Accumulated Coins" attribute which will represent all the Warmaster Coins earned so far since the last time we redeemed them through a Warmaster Vendor. The vendors have the option to Redeem coins during the first 24 hours after a gem was successfuly stolen from another realm.
- Removed: Warmaster Coins Rewards for releasing a Relic and Capturing a Realm Door. They are still given for defending a Realm Door.
- New: Dragon Wish: Recycling Rocks. The Dragon gives you an item which can salvage the bits of Magnanite in common Rocks in order to get an entire Magnanite. Allows to convert up to 1000 Rocks in 100 Magnanites.
- Removed: Dragon Wish: Closer to the Warmasters.
- Modified: War Confidence. The system that grants this skill has been modified to be more accurate in how often it checks and applies the bonuses. WMC Bonus removed from this skill. Stats bonus enhanced, giving more significant bonuses in Realm Doors.
- Modified: Minimum level to gain Warmaster Coins per kill changed to 50.
- Modified: Minumum level to gain Experience per kill changed to 30.
- Fixed: Strategic Position movement speed reduction was not working properly.
- Fixed: Scale Composite Leggings secondary paint channel was not being used.
- Fixed: Stash Carriers being affected by caster and caster allies buffs.
- Fixed: Paladin's Aid range now works as intended.
- Fixed: Extraplanar Bond not redirecting damage received to summon.
- Fixed: Collision of fallen tree in front of Aggersborg Fort.

Patches anteriores

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