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  1. Server crash?
  2. dangerous game ...
  3. Playing barb is no longer fun
  4. Vesper
  5. You know what sucks?
  6. New Networking Code 1.6.3
  7. Ovepopulation on syrtis
  8. I think that you runied what was one great game (check replies :))
  9. Unstopable madness on latest update
  10. Selecting players
  11. Once a range (game), always a range.
  12. Areas and fort walls
  13. Karma system
  14. Damages on higher level mobs
  15. Come on ngd!
  16. Staff Mastery nerfed again?
  17. Bugs with stalker surrounding
  18. Bug with Son of the wind/escapist
  19. Bug with defensive stance
  20. Alsius... And now Ignis and Syrtis
  21. Is it so hard to update OpenAL for Linux !?
  22. Chances/Luck based spells
  23. Game & server performance
  24. New phisics is horrible
  25. Still too many resists
  26. Just to let the players know some things about the game.
  27. Banned!
  28. Player population and grinding
  29. Solo fort captures
  30. Quests reset spellbar
  31. A tip.
  32. Mobs
  33. Honesty best policy
  34. thorkuls bite
  35. terrain detail view distance
  36. Nerf the spells that decrease the speed that archers have
  37. Issues and stuff NGD is already aware of or working on
  38. Issues NGD has no official position on
  39. Bring some banned players back
  40. evades-resist
  41. Regeneration Spam in the Log
  42. Disappointed with Halloween event
  43. Reveal is bugged
  44. why NGD banned me?
  45. New support system is too harsh
  46. I've ran out of ardor of buying Lucky Box
  47. It would really help if i didnt get stucked so many times
  48. Defensive Stance not working correctly?!
  49. Distraction Shot
  50. disables counts because all guys maked businesses with O N I X
  51. I want my money back
  52. Chat issues - no more global chat
  53. horus is NOT Ra,regive us realm chat!
  54. Warrior's kick has got range!!??
  55. Um 90%????
  56. Palm of the crap hotfix ever
  57. Bossbalance
  58. DoT and Freeze abuse
  59. Disappearing accounts
  60. SOTW is broken
  61. Defensive support
  62. No/Less autohits during lags
  63. In next balance update i hope to be fixed this...
  64. The way NGD is working isn't right...
  65. Player Suggestions
  66. Better close complaint forum....
  67. Feint/Kick from 10 meters away, through objects and up the tarima
  68. Regnum is dying very slowly?
  69. Cliff at PP
  70. Abuse of collision errors by Zombrex...
  71. ximerin
  72. Items not shown after login
  73. NGD: We are currently working on year's 2009 planning.
  74. Suspicious activity at ignis noobzone
  75. Premium: Minor Health Potion and Mana gone
  76. Why was my xim thread closed?
  77. I just noticed that the turning animation does not override the tracking animation.
  78. to many problems!!!
  79. the next time gems are reset..TELL US B4hand
  80. regnum site bugs, cant post screen shots.
  81. Buy more Ximerin! (Boycott Free Content)
  82. Bug with banner caused ban
  83. Cremate have a problem?
  84. Shield Bash
  85. Daen rha
  86. Infraction points? Because i pointed out a problem?
  87. Ridiculous Resists since Christmas Event
  88. CI not working?
  89. Barbarians and Platinum Box (Weapon) Experiment -- Results
  90. Exploiting ,exploits made by NGD....
  91. Gold surprise magic gem
  92. Issues that NGD should take care of... warriors BUGS
  93. Party requests from dead players
  94. ximerin's small help
  95. christmas event too short
  96. Change damn KNOCKS system
  97. Combat system flaw: Normal hits and spells
  98. Christmas event Loot
  99. Regnum has no Rules
  100. Gameplay......
  101. Random barbs/OPness in Pvp
  102. Remove the cheating NGD
  103. Great seems that all multirealmers gone back to Ignis now.
  104. How faster reach the gem?
  105. Current Item tear down on Amun
  106. Too much trading-spam on (realm)chat
  107. Ask NGD...Mania
  108. A valid complaint regarding customer support
  109. Teleported out of invaded realm after gate recover.
  110. Using pets/summons to powergrind low levels
  111. OP of Barbarians, UM and SC
  112. Um...well is everthing broken.
  113. Phantom hits ruining the game
  114. Stacking issues
  115. Retaliate vs Ethereal Arrow
  116. Retaliation is getting canceled
  117. Ticket System FAIL
  118. ask NGD - week 4
  119. Nerf of the lucky box items
  120. Save guard fail.
  121. Hunters screwed again
  122. Account Stash problem in amun
  123. horus gate timer
  124. For the love of god NGD do something
  125. Great update NGD
  126. No secondary saves.
  127. Warmasters: Not as Advertised....
  128. warmasters..or Scammasters?
  129. Griding conjurers....
  130. Grind, Xp system.
  131. Lag like never before
  132. Nothing has really changed so bye bye
  133. SMS payment
  134. Xim prices unfair
  135. bad server ping-AGAIN
  136. Heal pets
  137. How many threads before you fix SotW ?
  138. I will say this once and once only NGD!
  139. An apology of sorts to NGD
  140. Using a horse to get away from a fight
  141. Spells casting on dead allies
  142. Confuse
  143. Booster runs in-fight while NOT gaining XP
  144. Wasting boosters on enemies
  145. My last Post..farewell
  146. Goodbye Regnum!
  147. Unchallenging rated mobs IN a party do not give XP
  148. Why? Why does precise block refuse to work after being succesfully casted?
  149. Invasion mecanism
  150. Forts after the gems have been taken...
  151. [BUG] Neutral realm forts do not return to "original owner"
  152. Platinum lucky boxes
  153. Fix bugs before you work on a new feature(s) please!
  154. balance FAIL
  155. -xp bugged
  156. Plz explain this NGD?
  157. Another hotfix - Bug not fixed
  158. My Characters
  159. [BUG] Neutral realm forts do not return to "original owner" (Part 2)
  160. same old problem
  161. NGD take a look at Alsius
  162. Please, take another hard look at positioning.
  163. Selection System
  164. Alienware quest
  165. Ximerin issue.
  166. Movement speed cap
  167. Lucky boxes and their imbalance!!!
  168. It's possible to talk with the teleporter inside the realm and teleport the gem out
  169. Warmaster weapons unfuseable
  170. Conj Group Play
  171. Movement Speed Malus cap (or lack thereof)
  172. Knights....still.
  173. Electricity, wrong weight, mispelled names
  174. Item Fusion Fail
  175. Trouble with the new quest
  176. Resetting powers + horse
  177. Bug in herb
  178. I Hate Events
  179. 2 bugs with the update. chocolates and vulnerable gates
  180. Why is almost every update/patch like a farce?
  181. Reset the gems back how they were..
  182. Invasion problems
  183. Chocolate bug - quick fix
  184. Alsius vs Rest of the world
  185. Level 60 Yeti pet dies when I walk...
  186. I was not able to hit the realm gate & got teleported out
  187. remove the dragon wish: -xp and - gold
  188. Two hotfix, result is negative xp from kills not fixed
  189. A Rant
  190. No constant animation for crutial/powerful buffs
  191. Horus has no ballance of powers
  192. Conjurer healing is overpowered
  193. Alienware Reward
  194. Remove login-protection when you click the logout button
  195. Well.....
  196. Evidem's Fury - what's the point?
  197. Slutty clothing for female players.
  198. Chocolates
  199. Alienware prizes
  200. No horus characters on amun
  201. I thought no PVP in Alsius
  202. So, balance
  203. Warmaster Teleport is a bad thing
  204. Are armour enhancement drops a hoax?
  205. To all european players who left Horus for Raven
  206. Invulnerability of a realm
  207. Hotfix needed
  208. RvR vs PvP - spell stacking
  209. warlocks
  210. And damn nerfs again.
  211. Stuck between gates
  212. Where do I post critical bugs?
  213. To many crashes
  214. Crash after choosing character on horus
  215. Server Problems take ur shot !!
  216. Why we can't complain???
  217. Complaint Ancient
  218. Are you retarded NGD?
  219. Support conjus & Generals
  220. Wtf ngd
  221. Please stop forcing me back to the realm wall!
  222. 240 mins of vulnerability
  223. A ridiculous fix to gem glitching
  224. WM has created guerilla warfare not invasion.
  225. Warning
  226. Fix to Herb and Alga?
  227. Save camping
  228. Simple Question
  229. How NGD managed to screw up balance
  230. Gem gone after server crash
  231. save camping
  232. Save camping: Someone please explain to me
  233. New Raven server = American discrimination
  234. crash and uber high ping.
  235. Unbelievable
  236. Price of being a Warmaster Barbarian?
  237. Gems...
  238. RO is full bugs
  239. Ingmar is Stupid
  240. PvP challenge and support classes: unfair since based on RP
  241. No way to access current PvP event Horus rankings
  242. Warmaster Barbarians
  243. When will time zones be applied?
  244. Saves and Realm in danger
  245. Again: Offensive beacon confuse resistance
  246. What about the players with jobs?
  247. This is ridicolous, Unicorns?
  248. Save camping
  249. Unfair droprate
  250. Deleted Chars