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Shania Lunarian
03-30-2018, 10:54 AM
Hello and welcome to the Demon Angels of Ignis

Please do not be fooled by the name the demonic we are only in combat gg the Alsic and Syrtian army We are a merry bunch in the midst of a multitude of Argentines, Spaniards, Brazilians, Americans etc.

We are not interested in the ranking or whether we are good or bad, we are gambling because we have fun, the heart in the right place, rescuers in need, every day to Tenax pilgrimage, and the Alsen and Syrten to make life hard.

We are always looking for new members who want to rock the Wz together with us and only too happy to kick dwarves and elves in the butt.

We in the short overview:

Clan Name: Demon Angels of Ignis
Server: Ra
Reich: Ignis
Current number of members: 25
Founding date: 17.02.2018
Daily dragon rides
Very active WZ participation
Helpful, cordial and black humor
Our Clanchat language: German, English, Spanish
Teamspeak: ts3.river-styx.de

Contact: Shania Lunarian, Janina Lunarian, Justina Lunarian,
I Ambro I, I Ambrosio I, Kapastrauss, Suzy Q, Cyriuz Nightwind, Germanzelzorro, Germaneltiburon

Our dear Zorro speak only English and Spanish please consider that when you write him

What we want from you:

Active participation in the WZ
If you want we can offer you a place in the raid
of age
Headset should be present and we have no Ts duty

If you feel addressed and you should get lost to Ra / Ignis then write to us.

Greetings Shania