View Full Version : [VISUAL BUG] : ancient short bow; phantom hit

03-14-2011, 05:50 PM
I have dropped from monster some ancient long bow with awesome statistic.
I gone to try them on war and i noticed that problem:

-1: When you go to hit a monster or an enemy,you have no responce on the normal hit in the log.
If i do 6 normal hit,my log tell me i just done 1 single hit,but the monster/enemy has been killed with more than 1 hit.
Itried to change short bow,with another ancient short bow,but is the same.
All the ANCIENT SHORT BOW got the same problem.
Now it effect my gameplay,cause i don't know how much dmg i'm dealing,and i don't know if enemy evaded he hit.
I don't know how many hit i do.
To kill a monster i count 6 hit(i can count by the movement of the archer that make me think he is gonna hitting) but the LOG tell me about 1/2 hit only.

-2: When the arcer use ancient short bow,cannot hear the sounds of his shot.
Every bow make a sound when the hit is shoted,ancient short bow don't make any sound.
You can see only the arcer moving to shot,but cannot hear sound.
No other bow make this effect to me.

So,no hit in the log,and no sound when hit.

Pls if anyother got same problem tell me,cause i'm thinking by the way i found no post about that,i'm the only one to have this trouble.

Sorry this post has been wrote by another user too,so was just reported.I founded the post,so can be deleted :P