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Originally Posted by Hollow-Ichigo View Post
Maybe create more weapon skins aswell? Most people use the exact same ones, something different would be nice
Do you remember the pre-35 old weapons? I used to like some of those skins to fuse with, but then they "update" them and, even though some of them improved, most did not (tomy tastes) It is not a priority now, but I'd really like (and support) the idea of new skins.
Just as a side note: 2H weapons were always before their 1H counterpart. E.g. A barbarian can use a 2H Yari Spear being level 35, while the 1H Yari spear is not available until level 42... So, I always wondered: Why don't we have a 1H Royal Spear level 55 or so. Maybe a 1H Aracnic Spear level 60. Same happens with short bows, which tend to come four to five levels above the long ones.
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