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Originally Posted by Donatoo View Post
I havent had FPS drops for a while, maybe crash once a week which is pretty good compared to the time's I used to crash.

Cpu 2Ghz dual core
ATI Radeon 5700 series HD.

Running fort wars on maximum graphics with around 200+ FPS.
It still drops once in a while when I log in, after loading all seems fine.

I can really recommend this video card, bought it for 160 euro back then.
Will be around 120 euro's by now I supose.

Some people are stuck with their budget, tell me what your going to spent.
Might know something for you.

Oef nice. i got nvidiq geforce 8600m gs 512mb. Some times with fort wars i got 60fps but the most time around 10. And i can play other games with high graphics and than i got still more fps.

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