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Default Help me with the forum

I'm finding the forums a bit confusing, any help for me?
1. It says I only have 25 posts in non-inn, images, suggestions, and the other not-so-serious topics. But I've definitely posted more than that. I sit the number of topics I've started? Because that means that DkySven would have started 2350+ topics O.o

2. It says the person is banned, but he's posting on the forums. How does this work?

3. Does +1 mean you like the post? Or that you gave the person +1 reputation?

4. I thought swear words were banned on the forums? I have seen people use them a lot on threads. Sometimes I feel like using them but I don't know if I should or not (priority is to not get banned, whatever that means)

5. I've set my time to 9:35 P.M., but my user profile says it's 9:35 A.M. where I am and my posts also say 9:35 A.M. I've tried changing it multiple times with no effect.

I have been playing for 3+ years already and been on the forums quite a while, just never got the courage to reveal my noobishness
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