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platyna is an unknown quantity at this point

10 yeas have passed and the problem still persist.

I also learned I have "infractions" on forums, no idea how, and they do not seem to be related to the posts they link to, tried to PM admins about it, but they have PMs off.

I ran strace and removed this file: /usr/share/fonts/bitstream-vera-sans-fonts/VeraBd.ttf RO client proceeded to the EULA and then crashed again when I agreed to it. So I removed whole /usr/share/fonts/liberation-sans/ and managed to start the game...and all my chars are level 1 mages with empty inventories in the starting area. What the heck?! I had four chars - all high level and fully geared, with a lot of stuff from xim bought boxes...

What's up guys? I remember I put quite some money in this game, where are my skills and items???

Syrtis, Horus: Platyna (Conjurer), Platyna Ahn (Warlock), Platyna Ida (Hunter), Platyna Ira (Barbarian)

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