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Originally Posted by pelozo View Post
Thanks kamax, works great on my Motorola Milestone
Request: Could you add the state of the gems?

(Translation by google )
Euhm, i think i can but i take all from the ranking and the gems status are bugged(at least on Ra now), it's not the first time it happens. I don't think it will help to have false information
Maybe in the future if i see that the dev correct this problem.

Originally Posted by alexshade View Post
Great job! Do you have any idea about how to add bossmob respawn timer in your awesome app?
The best way should be to have a "report boss dead time" from users. From this i can add the respawn time to have the next time the boss is alive.
Nothing impossible but i have to use a server maybe with mysql, i have one (, i just have to learn how to do it in
I'm very busy irl but i promise i will take a look when i have time.
It's a great idea.
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