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I understand, myself i'm very new in the android world (~1 month) and it was a little hard to begin the time to understand how to write, specially if like me Java was not a language you know.

I have learn on some nice "hello world" tuto i found on different web site and have read "Beginning Android 2" in pdf (thanks rapidshare )

Originally Posted by Eli2 View Post
Not really an argument, Hellman and myself coded a huge Application for Regnum and naturally open sourced it.
I would prefer to open source it because it go the way i think in genereal (i use linux....) and i have no problem to open source all my applications in perl.

But i'm not rich(it's hard for me to pay my apartment at the moment) and a lot of things are not free in this world, specially the entry to the android market.
I have write this application for the regnum community and just want to get my money for the entry back, it's the most important reason i have to don't open source it.

I know that a place on the android market was not really necessary but i think it's better and more simple for everyone. Users can find it fast and i can update it without posting here everytime "hey i have a update".

I hope you can understand my choice.

PS: for people who like this application, don't forget to give good rating, thanks.
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