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Originally Posted by kamax View Post

For all android smartphone user, i have write a FREE application which display the war status of the different servers. You can choose the server in the menu.

You can choose to search if you are in the ranking and, if you are, display the amount of Rp you have(you need to give correct username, realm, subclass and server).

It's working fine on my HTC desire but need to be tested on other phones, actual version is beta8.
To download it just go on my Regnum screenshot site:
Or click on the direct download link:

If you like this apps or want more stuff into, just ask and i see if i can do i.
Every thanks are welcome
I have installed it on my Verizon droid. (I'm a trusting fool). I can verify that it does work on this model and Thank You for the app. I have been looking for something like this.

1 feature request, I'd love a notification/event sound when a fort on my realm is captured by another realm and maybe a gate notification if both castle and fort are owned.

2 maybe an icon in the notification area so it can be returned to focus easier.
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