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Things are progressing.

Things appear to be balancing out.

(whispers - dual shot casting time 0.5 pls)
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Originally Posted by impp View Post
I'm glad he did, I'd forgotten all that. Such
Make hunter a mid-range class
It is.
Remove confuse - it kills all support classes.
Yes, this power was made for temporary switching off support and self buffs. Like darkness, for example. So, I see no reason to remove it. Or do you want to watch any class unkillable if there is even one conju near?
Re-skill tricks.
Agreed. Close combat tricks should work for hunters 1st of all, marxmen are long-ranges snipers, they should be gods at open areas and fort walls, but dead meat in close combat.
Warlocks - more range areas spells (debuffs etc), less pvp spells like meteor lightening.
Partly agreed. Meteor and lightning are ok, but some useless spells should be removed with damaging, debuffing and cc areas.
Knights - more close range crowd control, rage of earth, deaf roar etc to set up the melee fight - easier to cast close range areas. Difficult to stop, knock and kill but not the killing machine.
I think, areas cc should remain at barbs. They have no good armor and not much sell-buffs for survivig. So, cc`s are the chance to remain alive for them. As for knights, I think they should get tol-tars debuff (cast speed -50-100%).
Conjo - fine as is apart from needing more benefit from support (xp and rp) so that support is the preferred set up, not warjurer.
Marks - less SoTW/evade/defence so they need support classes to survive and maintain range,
Partly agreed. Marxmen should be made weaker in close combat, but as for SoTW… If locks will get more areas, the price of marxmen as an anti-lock class will rise up. Yes, cause of SoTW at 1st. I do not think It`s good idea to remove SoTW or WS from marxmen.
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Originally Posted by chilko View Post
- All classes should be able to perform well in war.
Melee classes should be able to be in the frontline fighting other melee classes or attempting to attack ranged classes. Tanks should be able to lead a troop forward and Damage dealers should be able to break enemy lines by sheer damage. Population of these classes needs to be at least 30% of the user base at any group battle. In our opinion, warriors should be the fastest leveling class (we still don’t know how to improve leveling for knights without making it super powerful).
Hunters should be able to move faster, get and provide tactical information and offer support during wars. Pets still need to be useful. <br>
Marksmen should provide long ranged damage dealing offering coverage and long range defense. They should NOT be killing machines from long distance.
Just wanted to bring this up again since it has been a couple years ago, still working on this vision?

And by the way.

- Marksmen will never be defensive they just cannot be a so powerful to make melee classes almost unplayable.
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