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Default Premium Quests

I am currently leveling up my character in the 45+ range, and even with scrolls it seems to take forever. Previously, killing mobs over and over again was mindlessly therapeutic, but now it is getting a bit tedious.

Adding "premium quests" in the level 30-40+ range might make this part of the game go more quickly (while still preserving cash flow for NGD).

Bascially, this premium item would open up enough quests to allow you to level to 50 with minimum grinding. The quests should also provide the equipment you would normally get from mob drops. By level 50 you should be totally outiftted with gear.

Other free games (like Runescape) have premium quests. The only controversial aspect I can see, is the equipment rewards. If you have bad luck while grinding you might not be able to get the same gear. But I suppose you could just keep grinding. Otherwise, premium quests would just make leveling faster like scrolls.
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Rs isnt realy premium quests, its a half game (free) and a full game (membership) but anyway

Nah, too much advantage to premium players, also id expect said item would be AWESOMELY expensive,

Why not just add more quests untill max lvl, like I dunno EVERY OTHER MMO OUT THERE (that i have played ^^ Also the 30+ quests a are a joke, other than the cash they are scarely worth doing for the XP they give, id love to see quests from each lvl get you at minimum 1/3 through the lvl, even if it takes a day or 2 to do it so long as its Intersting I would do them, Maybe even add some responce options to what the NPC's say? Sure it would slow you down a bit, sure it would take a while to implement, but It would give players more of a "in control" feal of the character, Maybe responces could even give you a Karma rateing of some sort? (/me srapes the barrel of ideas)
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