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Originally Posted by Lebeau View Post
If you truly want "to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, & to hear the lamentation of their women", then get into a v-chat with your allies, coordinate well tactically, name a single enemy, all concentrate their firepower, & that one dies in a few secs, tops. The general rules of "kill the mages 1st", "don't chase archers", "heads on a swivel", "keep allies informed", etc, etc all apply as well, but can only take ya' so far. Why? Teams most often divide their firepower, wounding many, but killing fewer, or even none, & all the while doing as you said, what they rightly knew to do. In a fair(-ish) fight, the team that most quickly kills enemies will usually prevail, & as well, the team that wounds many, but kills few/none will eventually lose. A wounded team's firepower remains the same as ever, as all are still up & at 'em. Teams that lose allies however lose firepower, & then lose that battle. So, put one down, then another, & another, one at a time, & as quickly as possible. Common sense...(when enough of the "pros" tactically v-chat & coordinate well together, they take their collective game to entirely another level, & I have seen the proof & results of this more than once: utter devastation ... it works, try it)
You could do this all in your v-chat and I could take my group without chatting and still win because I know what my clan/party can do without needing to communicate. Voice chat isn’t always needed. When Dragon raids first came people joined V-chat because they couldn’t use common sense and didn’t know to chain spells. Simple mechanics. Are you trying to explain V-chat to me when I’ve experienced it already??? Lol
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Originally Posted by Pery3000 View Post
...Simple mechanics. Are you trying to explain V-chat to me when I’ve experienced it already??? Lol
Knowing what can be done is not at all the same as knowing exactly what will be done. I never said it is always needed, I said it imparts an innate advantage to those who use it, & puts those who do not use it at a disadvantage. There will still be same spells cast on same target, & other issues (perfection is not achieved), but it is still clearly the superior methodology. So ok, say you do as you say, & it's a fairly large battle by Haven standards, & your group plays by the basic common-sense 'rules' of CoR warfare ... kill the mages first (for example) ... ok then, which specific one? ... who is that target all will gang up on, to kill as quick as quick can be? ... how will & could all in your group categorically know? ... which 'mechanic' will accomplish this & answer that 'simple' question? ... are you all f-ing psychic? ... gimmee' a break! ... your group will most likely divide your firepower, & so, spread your damage out thinner, & thus, kill less quickly (if at all) ... v-chat-coordinated groups -v- non-coordinated groups (assuming near-equal morale/discipline, game skills, classes, gears & numbers) will usually end with the v-chatters all on the same page, & victoriously staying there, with the non-ers either dead, dying &/or in full-panic-disorganized rout ... no ifs, ands, or buts

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Well, that IRC group back then was goodtimes <3
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