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Default Multiple accounts?

I saw, in the Knowledge Base, a question about having more than one account.

Here: https://www.championsofregnum.com/su...-email-address

The answer to that question says the Terms of Use say only one account per user.

I read the terms of use, at https://www.championsofregnum.com/index.php?l=1&sec=8 (click on terms of use, it will pop up), and I do not see anywhere in there where it says only one account is allowed per user. Mind you, I'm not a lawyer, and the legalese may have skipped over my head...

I'm not considering multiple accounts, but I am wondering where that particular term of service is.

I hope this is the right forum in which to ask this question...

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As I understand it (Ms Leily, correct me if I'm wrong here), once upon a time, NGD did frown on having multiple accounts per user, & on multi-realming in general. Then, after multiple servers were merged, & many folk had multiple accounts without intending to do so, this 'restriction' was lifted. That said, it is still a bannable offense to be online on more than one realm at a time (aka multi-logging), but I don't really know if this policy is heavily enforced (as I never do it).
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As far as I know, you can have as many accounts as you wish as long as they have different e-mails, and also as long as they are all in the same realm. There are cases, however, in which one e-mail in shared due to one account created back in Game Samba, and another one in RO webpage, so when they merged, both accounts happened to have the same e-mail.
Let's wait for an official answer.
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