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Default crashing on startup, libos.so

i can log in and have the launcher verify the files. after i click "play", it crashes and tells me this in the terminal.

./game: error while loading shared libraries: libs/libos.so: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied
im running it through DDD to see if there is anything i might be able to find. during the verify step, i got this error message.

Impossible to get permissions for file 'rolauncher' (error 2: No such file or directory)
is rolauncher supposed to be in the live/ folder?

EDIT: okay, i got it working. this is whats happening.

the first error happens in newer distros where you have SELinux installed (found in Fedora Core and a few other distros). the problem is SELinux doesnt allow you to use certain libraries (dont know the specifications behind it). but, there is a work around.

cd /path/to/regnum/libs
sudo chcon -t texrel_shlib_t *.so

this will change the permissions of the libraries and allow you to play the game.

so, for anyone having this problem, do that and you should be good to go.

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