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Linux Technical issues under Linux platform

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Default Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I have a following problem:

[platyna@boadicea regnum]$ ./rolauncher
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Fedora 29 with newest updates, NVdia Quadro card.
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Hah platyna, i remember you from long ago To the issue at hand - it could well be some incompatile library version.

I suggest to install gdb, the gnu debugger (yum install gdb) and start rolauncher with it, it might be able to give some insight in where exactly it is crashing.

Once gdb is installed, naviage to the regnum directory and launch a console, then issue
gdb ./rolauncher
This will bring you inside the gdb console ready to debug. now just type run or r to get rolauncher executed with the debugger attached.
Once it crashed it will pause and you can issue more commands, i suggest to issue
to get a backtrace on the function calls - paste the output here, it might give a hint which library is the culprit.

Exit gdb with the command
Good luck and a happy new year.
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