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Default Regnum + Intel IGP: Works!

I an running archlinux on a laptop with Intel i945 chipset (GMA950), and I finally figured out how to get regnum working

The steps are:
1. install driconf.
2. run driconf, in the "Image Quality" tab, enable the S3TC texture compression option.
3. run regnum.
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it worked fine 4 me, thanks
Ubuntu 9.10 64bits.
Intel X3100
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Yeah that's pretty much all you have to do in any of the mesa drivers with S3TC uploading enabled (because all the decoding is done in the hardware, libdxtn is irrelevant). Mesa 7.7 (as will appear in Ubuntu 10.04 because apparently Canonical have some strange believe that a end-of-development-cycle release is better than a beginning-of-stable-cycle release) shouldn't even need that.

The one that will bite the most people at the moment is Radeon 9500 - HD1950 users, because somehow the S3TC uploading in that driver got mangled. HD2000+ users can still use catalyst (except for the few budget HD2xxx cards that are actually r5xx, ie. HD1xxx cores).
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Hey, I have linux Mint 8, Intel GM45 gfx chipset and I had Ubuntu 9.10. On my Ubuntu machine, thats all I had to do (install driconf) too, but now when I do that in my Mint, it doesn't work. (it loads, but all I see is a black screen) Didn't change any of my hardware, any help?
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linux intel

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