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Default Exploit in Warmaster quests

This error could be done accidentally. In those cases we took the proper measures.

However, we have also made several investigations in our database and found out that 79 characters from the RA server made the same quest with a very unusual frequency.

Taking that into consideration, we will apply the following actions:

a) The users that exploited the quests will have the Warmasters Coins and/or items removed from their inventories.
b) The users who exploited the quests will be banned for a week.
c) The users that accidentally complete wrong additional quests, your Warmasters items will be turned into Warmasters coins y they will receive a discount in this currency because of the error. As a consequence, they will also have to train their entire new powers back y buy all their Warmasters objects once again,

Edited on 06/06/2011

We have made some adjustments on the investigation detailed earlier.

Some of the already sanctioned users will be receive a bigger penalization.

Also, during the week, we will rollback the sanction applied to a few users, 20 approximately, who had made the exploit accidentally.



a) In the inventories of all characters from which their weapons and armors were eliminated they will found the gems and armors improvements.

b) All users who had bought armor paints or hair color dye and their armors were eliminated will have those premium items back.

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