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Old 05-07-2012, 10:15 PM   #191
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For me the range is ok 35m , it is the minimum against a barb full buffed
and 2 x faster, i don't understand why you re talking about the mages if he catch you inside the 30, you're dead
NGD can't change evrytime the rules because some poeples doesnt know to play well with them characters

- escapîst should be like the old speed 30% bonus close from allied
- Son of the wind should be like madness from the barb 90% of resitance
and not a shity + 1500 who means nothing (for me it s like 40% not better as the conju resitance spell) or the mana cost must be very lower 500 of mana is to much 360 like the bar seams enough good for 40% of resistance

- hawk gaz should be a area speed attack bonus for all arround 10m
maybe we could get a chance to loot something now at the super boss

- the cyclope curse should reduce the hit chance to 50% and or divide the damages of the target 50%

- the new forts and the castles aren't good for the archers they are too taller or highter, you feel very useless inside them

- and finaly restore the 3 old saves by each realm

fix this 6 points first and let's see how is it for the others

Please take a look to the ranking on the new server you can see the marskman is not the best classe of this game
look at the evolution rp, rank

NGD can't change each time the rules because some poeples doesnt know to play well with them characters
When i play bad i loose, when i play well i win. It s not very difficult to admit that point ...
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Old 05-08-2012, 05:35 AM   #192
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I only see comments that actually improve the Marksman as class, to make it even more "OP". But I'll throw around some of my suggestions as well. I think the range was just fine, but we should hit slightly lower, since hitting 300+ even 500+ (when buffed) fast/very fast (with rapid shot/Hawkz Gaze) isn't really fun in my opinion. I also think gear should matter, because most worked hard for it to get it, but yes I then also agree with lowering the effects of good gear slightly. That was about it for now :P
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Old 05-28-2013, 03:19 PM   #193
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I know this is an old thread, but what the hell. To be honest, I prefer close range combat as an archer. I wouldn't hate it if Marksman could be broken up into two different subclasses of its own. One for people who like sitting back and picking enemies off across the map *yawn*, and those who like close range with shortbow. At the moment, it's near impossible. We have no other option but to retreat 50m away and shoot. This kind of annoys most people, I'm sure.
Did you see when that marksman attack you with max foresight, parabolic shot, 35 range bow and +attack range on his gear? No, I didn't think so.
Remove some range and give us better close up buffs, please.
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Old 05-30-2013, 04:03 AM   #194
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Just want to add, despite changes in gameplay after the creation of this thread, i still totally support the suggestions of my original post to improve the state of the marksman subclass.
Fix the Marksman subclass: Suggestion
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Old 05-30-2013, 05:51 AM   #195
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So you're arguing against gear scaling but for old DS?
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Old 05-30-2013, 03:34 PM   #196
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Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
So you're arguing against gear scaling but for old DS?
Thats a good point, but keep in mind that with old DS all damage would be scaled, not just weapon damage. So the gear-scaling is much smaller. Additionally, spell's damage is increased by it too, giving the same use to players no matter the gear.

The main idea on this suggestion is to get more dynamics into the gameplay, an inscentive to get out of maxrange sniping and approach your enemies into a range you yourself are more vulnerable too.

Since its effect is not limited to the casting player, it would provoke instant counteractions in war, aswell as being a good target marker. This all increases gameplay dynamics.

Edit: And i dont think removing gear scaling completely is needed. At the moment it is a bit excessive..
Fix the Marksman subclass: Suggestion
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Old 06-01-2013, 11:38 PM   #197
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I agree with Enio's proposals, so long as they were part of a larger scale revamp of all classes.

It's sorta "Rock, Paper, Scissors" at the moment, with something like the following:

Archers -> Mages
Mages/Archers -> Warriors (if targeted at range)
Warriors -> Mages/Archers (if warriors sneak/break through ranged cc's and don't get more than 1 or 2 resists/evades vs target)

So we see the mage/archer to warrior inversion based solely on range.

Obviously, warriors need to get close to do their deed, and ranged need to keep range to do theirs effectively.

Not including the reliance on DI (don't expect it much if you're a warrior in Alsius) or the supposedly "random" resist/evade rates (which to this day are exceedingly high), it's easier for a ranged to keep their distance vs warriors than it is warriors to cover the ground to melee range.

In smaller scale fights this disconnect is far more pronounced, in larger ones, it can invert as stated before, as barbs can have enough dispells, ons, etc. to get enough through to the ranged to disrupt things long enough for the tide to turn.

So that adds another dynamic to this disparity of class/sub-class differentials. Small Fights vs. Large Fights coupled with Melee vs. Ranged (at range and at melee distances).

True "balance" would be enough versatility availble in a build (and enough usefulness in ALL abilities) of any subclass to be effective in any of the aforementioned cirumcstances.

On the topic of builds, it was pointed out earlier in this thread how it's currently (especially prominent in offensive classes) to see essentially one true effective build used amongst each subclass (with small, negiligable variations within), and to a lessar extent this is true with the defensive classes (and hunters, which sorta fall into their own category though I have a hard time labeling them a defensive class since they can straddle that line effectively if played/built appropriately).

If spells were re-tuned to have more variety and a broader range of effectiveness, people would have incentive to vary their builds more to suit their playing style, not simply (as now) the trial-and-error process of picking which works best in the three most common encounters in the WZ (fort/castle fights, open fields and grinding/ganking/PvP).

There are a lot of good suggestions out there to re-tune not only each subclass, but each of their individual spells need to be looked at so EVERY spell point can be used in an effective and unique way.

Look at things like Grounding Arrow, Obfuscate, Sticky Touch, Camo Corpse, Death Sentence (cool spell, was used at first but seldom anymore), Ignis Scorch, Needle Blast, Seeking Strike, Finger Crush, Cyclops Curse, Rend, Destabilize, Whirlwind, Lightning Strike, Brain Piercing (only used when killing dragon), Crash, Jaw Breaker (mana cost too high), Impale, Fatal Strike, Back Slam, Clumsiness, Curse, Blindness, Petrify Hands, Sadistic Guards, Infuriate (used on bosses only), Element Exposure, Shifting Silhouette, the list goes on...I can't remember the last time I saw any of these used on me in my log on any character.

I'm sure some people from time to time skill one or the other to test out or there might be a few holdouts who might actually use those as attacks. But let's be honest, there are a lot of skills like this that need some serious attention.

And then there are useless passives/buffs/auras like Athletic, Rigorous Preperation, Ethereal Mantle, Colossus (some might use it but I consider it useless and a waste of HP), Protection Dome, etc.

Point being, a lot of spells, buffs, auras and passives could use some tweaking to make them relevent again.

Doing so would help promote more unique builds across each subclass, and if done correctly each subclass should have the tools at their disposal to adapt to any circumstance, in any fight vs. any subclass.
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Old 06-23-2013, 11:15 PM   #198
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just reduce the fucking annoying range . idiots......everywhere?.
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