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Default Is gamemod an NGD employee?

Seem he has a penchant for deleting my posts.
If you submit photographic proof of a cheat - the name of the player is going to be on display. This whole thing smacks of a cover up with no accountability on the part of NGD.
I say this because the stock answer you always get to complaints is -- "Thanks for reporting this. The matter will be invesigated". Then nothing more ever comes of it. (This is what I am being instructed to do!) If you keep it in the forums and NGD respond , or even better there is a bug/new feature tracking list that is publicly accessible that players can vote for to prioritise work done after each months count of votes - you (NGD) would get my overwhelming support and applause for doing something positive.

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Send a message via MSN to Umaril

If he wasn't, he couldn't remove your posts, and "evidence" should be in an email to NGD, not on public display on the forum.
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JGFMK1 is an unknown quantity at this point

If there was an issue tracking system of the nature i describe - you could provide photographic evidence/names and part of the ticket could be deemed confidential - but the main thrust of the issue public - that would suit me fine.

Umaril: Someone would only need to be given admin rights to a forum or sub-forum - doesn't mean it's an NGD employee - for example Inkster never worked for them and did admin stuff for a time - that's what I've heard.

If you were to see NGD's take on things and how they would intend to fix an estimated fix date that would give us the end users/consumers (Xim purchasers) some sense of satisfaction to see things headed in the right direction.

Umaril: If someone is cheating why not name and shame them? Your answer is in favour of a cheat!

I recall someone posting about a Marks player that they thought was using an automated tool to level - that has not been removed! So how is that any different to this?

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Please read the Regnum Online forum regulations. It clearly states the forum rules and purposes for each section.

If you want to report a user for whatever reason you may have, the forum isn't the place for this for obvious reasons.

Regnum Online Forum Regulations

Closing this.
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cheats, cover up

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