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Mercenary idea?what about it?

Put some premium item that allow ppls (from syrtis in that case) to change realm(locking other underpopolated realms ofc , from go on a overpopulated one)?

I would be glad to change realm and help ignis or alsius.
Is not fun go at agger or samal with many ppl and see ur zerg go to the enemy save to get some kill (overpopolation cause isseues too).

And like me,many would change realm to fix this popolation unbalance.

But guys...one things must be said...is not an excuse,but sometimes u really have enough for war,but i don't know why some refuse to do it.
While syrtis farm at agger or samal,u are able to find from 4 to 7 enemy in syrtis grind spot...Not even camping a bridge.This happens quite often.

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i dont liek your idea or ideology, this is a game of 3 realms, mixing the realms ? are you out of ur mind? that will spoil the game for most of us that arent multirealmers, if you got chars on other realms that fine by us but enabling ppl to change realms will make every multirealmer switch realms causing more unbalance its just chaotic and vile
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I see many of you are afraid of the changes I propose and I can't understand why. Merging Alsius with Ignis from time to time will contribute to the actual balance of the game, since all three realms will be victorious on equal shares. Fox ex it can be done with every two months, two months alsius and ignis pwn syrtis together, next two syrtis beats everyone. Many players will make double characters contributing to the game with even more xim and switching every two months to enjoy victory.

And since nobody said anything on my cannon-at-the-gate and Gamai-race suggestions I suppose everyone likes them and i'm very happy for that. NGD should get to implementing them immediately.

Also, did you guys read this? It was pretty much included on my post.
Originally Posted by beatle187 View Post
Important: You may have already suspected this is a joke thread, thus why its not on the suggestions section. Thankyouverymuch.
Cause it wasn't my intention to troll anyone but ppl got trolled by themselves here.
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