We've picked the winning screenshots and delivered the prizes! [More...]
2016-01-08 19:29
Christmas screenshot Contest!
More than 100 e-mails with screenshots have arrived from users all around the world, and as a result, we're doubling the amount of prizes!

Instead of 5, we'll be selecting 10 images per server, all of them to be rewarded with 20,000 Ximerin each. Remember you still have time until this very[...] [More...]
2015-12-31 15:42
New Year's Eve surprise!
Of course, you've been waiting and we're here to finally surprise you. Let's end the year on the top!

You can now go to the War Island (central island) and interact with the huge Christmas Tree near Adanor. You will be able to make a Wish OR Vote one. Remember, you can only do one of those.

After[...] [More...]
2015-12-28 18:42
Christmas 2015 Screenshot Contest!
Use your creativity and imagination to capture beatiful screenshots about the 2015's Christmas Event!

Duration period: from December 30th until January 10th

5 images will be selected from the ones received: those that are the most funny, curious or simply awesome, will be rewarded with[...] [More...]


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