You'll find all the Halloween-related items on sale, as well as a 40% Ximerin promo, available until Tuesday, November 3rd, 1AM GMT! [More...]
2015-10-29 20:42
This weekend celebrate Halloween with your friends in Regnum!

For this whole weekend, zombie hordes will randomly attack your realm cities. Defeat them with your friends and benefit your realm by unlocking experience, gold and drop rate bonus!

Besides, all Halloween related items, including[...] [More...]
2015-09-21 18:10
Experience and WM Coins!
Hi everyone,

We're very happy with the results of last weekend's bonus, as it not only gave an interesting boost in WM coins and XP points; it also shed some light related to the amount given previously.

Due to this, we've decided to increase the base xp obtained from kills to 750 (previously[...] [More...]
2015-09-18 17:13
War Experience bonus!
Hi everyone!

Starting right now, and for the rest of the weekend ending up on Sunday Sept 20th at 11:59 PM GMT, the base experience obtained from eliminating enemies in war will be of 1000 points!

Go out there and start some wars with your friends!

Besides, we've adjusted the[...] [More...]


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