Here you will find information about the current changes found on the Testing Server and the previous changes already available on the live servers.
This list is layout to faccilitate testing on new features, modifications and fixes.
As soon as an update is made to the live servers, the current changes are moved onto the Previous patches list.

Current changes (Test server)

Version: 1.16 (Date: 2016/9/8)


- New: Crafting.
    - NPCs will introduce you to the system: Osthan in Alsius, Unkra in Ignis and Lorvel in Syrtis. Starts with a simple quest to teach how to use the interface.
    - Once introduced, the NPC will give you a quest for gathering your first materials and create your first weapons.
    - When we reach to level 22, we will be sent to the coastal town of the realm. Lulia in Alsius, Nurik in Ignis and Indirae in Syrtis will help you continue.
    - Materials, until player level 30 will be gathered from the environment. This will relate to the levelling zones to make it easier.
    - Since level 31, most of the materials will be obtained in the War Zone in different ways.
    - Recipes until level 30 will be obtained in NPCs through commerce.
    - Recipes from level 31 and on will be obtained in different ways.
- Modified: Orc Camps.
    - Added bosses for each one in each War Zone. Urrgog in Alsius, Kregog in Ignis and Gobgog in Syrtis.
    - The bosses drop a significant amount of gold and some items needed for crafting.
    - When the boss is killed, a chest will appear that will grant items depending on the level of the player.
    - Chest is not spawned if your own realm has any fortification captured. (Still not done)
- Modified: Sound for interface closing enhanced.
- Fixed: Chat window could not be used properly when training.
- Fixed: Regnum client messing with the Operating System input when not in focus.
- Fixed: Key assignments in Windows 10 did not work properly.
- Fixed: Collision error in Herbred and Algaros that allowed to get behind the wall where the flag is. Also, looking towards the back of the fort, in the left corner, archers could go up the broken wall.
- Fixed: Being able to cast powers while running with point-and-click feature.
- Fixed: Falling damage around forts caused you to die.
- Fixed: Falling damage inside wall fortification was causing death.
- Modified: Falling damage inside fortifications is now half the normal values.
- Fixed: Terrain errors in which players got stuck: x:3368 z:3290, x:4029 z:3591, x:4084 z:3236, x4498 z3219
- Fixed: Internal balcony hideouts in Eferias when jumping to the small ledges at its sides.
- Modified: Cannot use "Die" in options menu if player is in movement.
- Fixed: One of the rocks of "stonehenge" was climbable.
- Fixed: Hideout in Shaanarid castle (x4692 z2962)
- Fixed: Prop in Daen-Rha was "climbable" through relogging.
- Fixed: Interacting with dobs while falling/jumping.
- Fixed: Collision error in Aggersborg fort.
- Fixed other minor and internal errors.

Previous patches

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