If you come across your old ingame friends as legends, screenshot and send it to us over at community@ngdstudios.com [More...]
2015-05-25 16:59
Keep on celebrating with the Helpers
Had some fun this weekend? Now the celebrations continue. Our Helpers will be holding events throughout the week. The "starting plates" will be simple and then getting better towards the weekend!

So, stay tuned!

Also, to be able to hold the events and celebrating the first year of the[...] [More...]
2015-05-23 16:56
The Anniversary Event is coming!
Today at 6 PM GMT the Anniversary event will start. Happy birthday, Regnum!

Stay tuned! [More...]
2015-05-22 15:04
Version 1.12 online and Ximerin promo!
We're glad to announce that Version 1.12, fixing RNG (random resists, etc) is online. And there's a promo of Ximerin!

To check the latest changes check the changelog in our website.

Enjoy the 30% Ximerin[...] [More...]


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