We've added a new subforum for Clan recruiting for Clan administrators to gather up all the related info in one single spot. [More...]
2014-01-24 20:12
2014 January's Surprise Discounts!
Hey all!

We're starting off this 2014 with a lot of surprises! A bunch of discount packs have just been added to the Item Mall, that go from experience scrolls, to lucky boxes and even level 60 scrolls!

All 4 discount packs offer these and other great Premium items at such huge discounts[...] [More...]
2013-12-20 19:17
Christmas Ximerin Promo!
Christmas is almost here! To celebrate, we've just activated a Ximerin promotion that will grant you a sweet 50% bonus on any purchase, through any payment method!

This promo started today, December 20th at 6 pm GMT, and it will last until December 31st at 6pm GMT.

We hope you enjoy[...] [More...]
2013-12-06 21:10
Christmas arrived earlier at Regnum!
This year Santa Claus is visiting Champions of Regnum players first... and he's gifting Ximerin!

Please follow this link to learn more about it, and start celebrating Christmas today! [More...]


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