Hier kun je informatie vinden over recente veranderingen die ook te vinden zijn op de Test Server en de eerdere veranderingen die al te vinden zijn in het spel.
Deze lijst is gemaakt om het testen van nieuwe dingen, veranderingen en reparaties een plaats te geven.
Zodra er een update is gedaan worden eerdere updates op de lijst voor eerdere updates gezet.

Recente veranderingen (Test server)

Versie: 1.12 (Hotfix) (Datum: 2015/5/27)

Beschrijving :

- Modified: Reward for holding now repeats up to 3 times, meaning that if you get a reward for holding, there can be 2 more if it's still kept.
- Modified: Reward for holding/defending requires a minimum of 5 players.
- Modified: When the Relic Timer starts, it sets the Reward Timer to that very same time, even if Reward Timer was lower, but, it allows to get remaining rewards. IE: Fort captured and waiting for 1st reward. Relic Timer starts. If held to the end of the timer, you get the 3 rewards at once.
- Modified: Maximum rewards:
Fort: 200 Coins.
Castle: 300 Coins.
Realm Door: 800 Coins.
- Added: When the Rewards cycle ends, the fort will not start rewarding again up until 5 minutes have passed. This could be changed on the fly if needed a higher value.

NOTE: All these changes to rewards now allow to have longer lasting wars in buildings and better rewards when aiming to Invasions.
- Fixed: Players staying in the worlds after a sudden disconnection.
- Fixed: Not being able to use trapdoors to exit realm while Realm Door is captured.
- Fixed: After fixing a bug with Health and Mana restoration, Potions were unwillingly nerfed. Potions are now readjusted to work as pre-fix version.
- Fixed: Bridge in Samal Surroundings collision was higher than the mapobject.
- Fixed: Descriptions of Companion Mohere and Remove Necrostacy in several languages.
- Fixed: Fall damage when respawning in Altars of Resurrection or WM powers.
- Added: Translations in French for Anniversary Event.

Eerdere patches

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