Aqui você irá encontrar informações sobre as alterações atuais que podem ser encontradas no Servidor de Testes e alterações já realizadas e atualmente disponíveis em nossos servidores de produção.
Essa lista traçada para facilitar o teste de novas funcionalidades, modificações e consertos.
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Alterações atuais (servidor de testes)

Versão: 1.12 (Hotfix) (Data: 2015/5/27)


- Modified: Reward for holding now repeats up to 3 times, meaning that if you get a reward for holding, there can be 2 more if it's still kept.
- Modified: Reward for holding/defending requires a minimum of 5 players.
- Modified: When the Relic Timer starts, it sets the Reward Timer to that very same time, even if Reward Timer was lower, but, it allows to get remaining rewards. IE: Fort captured and waiting for 1st reward. Relic Timer starts. If held to the end of the timer, you get the 3 rewards at once.
- Modified: Maximum rewards:
Fort: 200 Coins.
Castle: 300 Coins.
Realm Door: 800 Coins.
- Added: When the Rewards cycle ends, the fort will not start rewarding again up until 5 minutes have passed. This could be changed on the fly if needed a higher value.

NOTE: All these changes to rewards now allow to have longer lasting wars in buildings and better rewards when aiming to Invasions.
- Fixed: Players staying in the worlds after a sudden disconnection.
- Fixed: Not being able to use trapdoors to exit realm while Realm Door is captured.
- Fixed: After fixing a bug with Health and Mana restoration, Potions were unwillingly nerfed. Potions are now readjusted to work as pre-fix version.
- Fixed: Bridge in Samal Surroundings collision was higher than the mapobject.
- Fixed: Descriptions of Companion Mohere and Remove Necrostacy in several languages.
- Fixed: Fall damage when respawning in Altars of Resurrection or WM powers.
- Added: Translations in French for Anniversary Event.

Patches anteriores

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