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Default New premium item(s)

Trying to sum up the best ideas:

-Revert fuse scroll: reverts a fusion by giving back the consumed two items as separated ones.

-Remove armour enchantment scroll: removes the armour upgrades and thus a new one can be added.

-Engrave socket to shields and bracelets (also, new enchants are welcomed; Constitution, mana, HP, CS, AS, Critical chance, evasion, armour bonus, strength, INT, Dex, just a few ) Make it possible to be able to drop these enchants by mobs too.

-Teleport to Central save (CS): We have main city teleport already, why only the WM mages can reach CS faster?

-Change armour resist scroll (slash:very good, blunt: bad, pierce:good, etc): drop a dice and the resists getting changed randomly. Make it possible to EVERYONE to get this item, be it by killing mobs / enemies, or provide any other way for it. Also, allow only "normal" as best stat after dropping the dice.

-New weapon skins

-Summon trainer scroll: could be a cheaper version of Power Tome (Power Tome may will need to be lowered in price).

-Summon vendor scroll: allows the player to sell useless items anywhere on the map. Could be sold in 5 packs. The merchant stays for 5 min, the window doesn't close when the summoner gets attacked not even on death unless the player closing it.

-Double/triple war XP scroll

-Double/triple quest XP/gold scrolls

-New xp scroll: grants 100k/200K/500k/1M xp to the player

-New gold scroll: grants X amount of gold to the user

-Lv4 fort scroll: Much attacked, but oh well , you never know.

-Mob paradise scroll: you get teleported to an instance where there's many mob for your lv, or 1-2 lv higher.

-lv55 scroll: requires a lv 60 character on the same account.

-Extra character +1: Raises the character maximum slots by one.
Can only be used after purchasing the premium item "Extra characters".
It could go up until nine slots maybe.

-New emotes.

-Elixir of transformation: Bored of playing the way you look?
Had enough of stupid costumes?
Try the new premium item called "Elixir of transformation"!

Become a vampire, a werewolf, a tiger, skeleton or an angel!
There are countless options (they could work like weapon skins, if they were added ), these potions would transform you into the desired creature, the effect could last a day or a week maybe. They would not grant any bonuses or special abilities, only the character appearance would change!

-Some new ideas:

-Champion coin booster (double / triple)
-Regarding crafting: items that hasten the item creation, packs for materials, expanding for queued item window would be also welcomed
-Summon owl, so you can check your mails anywhere on the map
-Summon vendor, so you can sell and repair anywhere on the map
-Summon Craftmaster, so you can craft anywhere on the map.
-Redeem War Master coins scroll: allows to redeem the accumulated WC anytime without stealing a gem.


EDIT: Why spells do not trigger the scroll while normal attacks do?
Rework scrolls please, they should only start to tick after the target died and the user got the reward for it!! All of them. Make them all active-able as well if possible.

If anyone has some new idea for new premium item(s), don't hesitate to post!
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