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Originally Posted by Adrian View Post
Of course. I like accuracy as well, but bear in mind that we need resources to do so. We're working on expanding them.

And the German translations are made by German people from Gamigo. Please, point out some examples for me to tell them.
I known, that the translations made by Gamigo. And i play the game since many years in English, but i can give you one example:

Whitebright Amulet

Range received Damage -10%


Schaden für erziehlte Reichweite -10%
Really wrong translation.
Better: Erhaltener Fernkampfschaden -10%

To compare a good Translation: Sultarīs Rage Amulet
English: Meele received Damage -10%
German: Erhaltener Nahkampfschaden -10%

There are many of those translation problems, but Gamigo has no resources to do so. There are only TWO Community Manager: Laiying and Keyomi who works for Gamigo, but they donīt make a good job as Community Manager. No informations at forum tho the community.......
The other FOUR (2 forum moderators and 2 Gamemasters) are volunteers. They donīt have the time to control or translate all.
Itīs the same problem with the Changelogs. Gamigo hasenīt posted the Changelog 1.13 from November 2015. Because they donīt have it.
Please Adrian, make a Gamigo forum account and post the english Changelog at the german Gamigo forum, so Gamigo canīt say, they donīt have the changelog!
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