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Originally Posted by Bad_Yusuke View Post

Agora, ao chilko, em inglês, para que ele entenda dessa vez:

chilko, gasham is talking about we use the same account that we log in Horus server on Piranha server. The same way that we can't create multiple account on Regnum Online, we can't do it on GMail, YahooMail, etc. There are a contract, and it isn't the best solution to join a game.
The solution is to be able to log in with the same account (or use the same email) on Piranha Server.
Hello everyone, as of today all users from Brazil and Portugal that have registered previously to our deal with Boacompra through either or will see Piranha as an available server.

Of course those users will have to create new characters.
The Ximerin they have can be spent both in Horus and Piranha.

to buy Ximerin this users need to use the sames payment options as before (as you are technically ngd customers)

from now on, all users from brazil and Portugal are being redirected to to register as Boacompra users as the deal we have with them is exclusive.

I hope this are good news for Prianha and the portuguese speaking comunity!



PS: if any user registered previously to the Boacompra deal from Brazil or portugal cannot see Piranha is because we may not be detecting your location propperly (because of a proxy or something).
If you are experiencing this issue, please send a ticket to support.
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