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Changelog - Version 1.28b8 (English)

NOTE: Reading this changelog makes you agree that these changes and their numbers are not final. Any comment or suggestion has to take into account that this is not a final version of the changes.
- Fixed: Cancelling a craft forced the creation of the next craft in queue even if there were not enough free slots.
- Fixed: Paladin's Aid could be cast after casting Precise Block (Precise Block already can't be cast if Paladin's Aid is active).
- Fixed: Stash Carrier was causing disconnections after moving.
- Fixed: Choosing to disconnect while using the Stash Carrier caused an instant disconnection.
- Modified: Companion delay removed. Visual effects when spawning and despawning removed as well.
- Modified: Dispel Magic. Range raised to 25 meters.
- Modified: Rigorous Preparation. Casting time reduced to 0.5 seconds.
- Modified: Concentration gives 0.2% Critical Chance bonus for each point after 50 (gave 0.1% after 40 before).
- Modified: Concentration gives 0.2% Casting Speed bonus for each point after 70 (gave 0.1% after 69 before).
- Modified: Intelligence gives 0.2% Resistance to Dizzy for each point after 70 to Mages.
- Modified: Dexterity gives 0.2% Resistance to Immobilise for each point after 70 to Archers.
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