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Changelog - Version 1.28rc1 (English)

NOTE: Reading this changelog makes you agree that these changes and their numbers are not final. Any comment or suggestion has to take into account that this is not a final version of the changes.
- Fixed: Resistance to Crowd Controls was not being shown in grey in the combat log.
- Fixed: Quickbar cue notice size fixed (light blue blinking square).
- Fixed: Size of Character Details window to fit all text sizes in each language.
- Modified: Back Slam. Removed Dizzy. Added Resistance to Dizzy -10%/-20%/-30%/-40%/-50% (Success Chance 100%. Duration: 15 seconds). Blunt damage raised to 160-200/190-230/220-260/250-290/280-320. Cooldown raised to 30 seconds.
- Modified: Obfuscate. Concentration reduction changed to -15%/-20%/-25%/-30%/-35%. Casting Speed reduction changed to -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30%. Added Resistance to Immobilise -10%/-10%/-15%/-15%/-20%. Added Resistance to Dizzy -10%/-10%/-15%/-15%/-20%.
- Modified: Blindness. Added Resistance to Dizzy -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30%.
- Modified: Items in the quickbar have a 1 second non-intentional double click protection.
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