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Default Transmutation artefact

With Patch 1.23.2, we've added a new item to the game, which can be used to modify the bonus of weapons and armor.

Due to many questions regarding this items, I'll try to answer all of them here.

What can be exchanged with this item?
- Damage: Magical and physical damage can only be exchanged for damage of the same type.
Example: +5 fire damage -> +5 ice damage

- Resistance: Magical and physical resists can only be exchanged for resists of the same type.
Example: +2% resist blunt damage -> +2% resist slashing damage

- Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity, Concentration, Constitution and Strength
Example: +5 intelligence -> +5 Strength

It works on armor and weapons only! It won't change bonus like movement speed or attack speed.

You can't exchange physical bonus per magical. It won't modify the bonus (+5 strength will keep +5 strength).

This item can be used one time and will disappear afterwards. You can only change one bonus at once. An item can be modified multiple times, but you'll need a new artifact each time.

The artefact can be crafted or bought in the Item Mall.

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