Version: 1.30.5 (Date: 2021/8/13)


- Added: Three more Carbon Ore zones in each realm's warzone.
- Added: One more Hickory Logs zones in each realm's warzone.
- Modified: Original only Hickory Logs zone in Alsius and Ignis was enlarged.
- Modified: Hickory Logs and Carbon Ore spawn rate raised. As the zones are more and bigger, this means it will be more evenly spread, not that there will be many more to find.
- Modified: Enemy Essence player loot chance increased.
- Fixed: Specific point in Squid Island in which it was incorrectly detected as leaving the island.
- Fixed: Being able to get stuck between boxes in Nasraah-Tej.
- Fixed: Not dying after jumping outside Aggersborg in a specific point.
- Fixed: Not getting the bonus when interacting with Warmaster Beacons when the inventory is full.
- Fixed: Warmaster Beacons consuming activating the loot counter.
- Fixed: Size of the Off Hand Magnanite Sword was too big.
- Fixed: Not getting some of the items that a quest gives as reward due to inventory limits.
- Fixed: Kills not counting in realm walls in some cases for the Warmaster Quests.
- New: "Crafting Materials x2" premium item. Doubles the amount of gathered Crafting materials (such as ore, logs, flowers, etc.) and also the player's loot (Enemy Essence and Enemy Bones). Costs 3000 Ximerin and has 150 uses.

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