Version: 1.12 (Datum: 2015/5/22)


Gameplay - System
- New: Statistical RNG system for combat. Indicated chances now should be accurate both in the short and long run.
- New: Reward System. Allows to get a reward for holding, recovering, invading or avoiding invasions.
Note: When a fort is captured, a counter will appear. When the counter finishes, a reward is given. It can be gold from the Chest of the fort and/or Warmaster Coins.
There is a maximum amount to be received per player. For example, if a fort gives 15000 Warmaster Coins with a max of 400, and there are only 10 allies around, everyone will get 400. If there is 50 allies, everyone will get 300.

If you see the counter, you will get the reward. The counter can disappear for inactivity of the player or for being far from the building (specifically, the flag).

If the Relic Counter starts and that counter is lower than the Reward Counter, this last one will cut time to equal the Relic Timer, in order to avoid having to wait for the Reward.
WM coins reward are granted to players above level 45, being lvl 45 included in it. The gold reward will still be granted to all players, regardless of their level.

- Added: Experience reward for players with level lower than 60 when holding/recovering a fort/castle or defending a realm wall. Initially (not final numbers) the reward is handed this way:
Fort: 100 exp base.
Castle: 150 exp base.
Realm Wall: 200 exp base.

Levels from 30 to 45:
Base x 0.75 x Level (IE: A level 30 would get for holding a castle 150 x 0.75 x 30 = 3375 exp)
Levels from 45 to 59:
Base x Level (IE: A level 50 would get for holding a fort 100 x 50 = 5000 exp)

- Added: Portal now checks for multirealming or inactivity when it's about to teleport someone.
- Modified: Realm walls can be recaptured (only by the defending realm).
- Modified: Hit Chance removed, replaced with Critical Chance, which raises the chance shown in the Character Sheet.
- Modified: Wall Trapdoors can be used by invaders to get out of the realm when the vulneration/invasion ends.
- Modified: Companions are no longer selectable. This is to avoid accidental clicks during battle.
- Modified: Each fort has its own camp to be used for resurrections when vulnerating a Realm. Fort camps are approximately at 2:45 from the Wall and 1:15 from the Fort. Castle camps are at 2:00 from the Wall, making them more strategic to have captured.
Aggersborg: x:2371 z:2589
Trelleborg: x:1371 z:2808
Imperia: x:2176 z:2019
Samal: x:3402 z:2400
Menirah: x:3565 z:1464
Shaanarid: x:4274 z:2521
Herbred: x:2933 z:3577
Algaros: x:2038 z:3375
Eferias: x:2935 z:4065

- Fixed: Realm Gem interactions were not being properly accounted, causing player to interact more than once.
- Fixed: Player automatic disconnection when not moving was avoided by rotation.
- Fixed: Falling damage was interrupted when changing character or exiting the game, allowing to avoid it.
- Fixed: Multirealming detection for quest objectives (noble) and Invasions rewards.
- Fixed: Location near Mount Goblin instantly teleported to Altar of Resurrection.

Gameplay - Attributes
- Modified: Changed all modifiers that now are of no use:
Hit Chance changed to Critical Chance %. (Hit Chance +17 now becomes Critical Chance +17%)
Spell Focus changed to Spell Resistance % and multiplied by 3. (IE: Spell Focus +5 now becomes Spell Resistance +15%)
Evasion changed to Evasion % and multiplied by 3. (IE: Evasion +7 now becomes Evasion +21%)
Shields give Block in half their previous value in absolute percentage. If a Shield had +30 Block, now gives +15% Absolute Block (shown as Block +15)

Gameplay - Skills (Fixes)
- Fixed: Retaliation now reflects spell damage.
- Fixed: Retaliation doesn't wear off with unsuccessful hits.
- Fixed: Avoiding "Relic Intensity" when picking up a Relic with "Dismount" active.

Gameplay - Balance

- Martial Reflexes: Critical Chance changed to 100%/135%/170%/225%/300%. Duration changed to 40/50/60/70/100.
- Rigorous Preparation: Opponent Critical Chance changed to: -15%/-20%/-25%/-30%/-40%. Opponent Miss Chance changed to Evasion Chance: 25%/40%/55%/70%/100%. Cooldown changed to 90 seconds.

- Block: Block Chance changed to: 150%.
- Precise Block: Mana cost updated to 90/110/140/170/200. Cooldown changed to 45 sec.
- Challenge: Opponent Hit Chance changed to Opponent Spell Resistance -25%/-40%/-55%/-70%/-100%. Added Opponent Concentration -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30% Duration changed to 5/5/10/10/15.

- Threat: Miss Chance changed to Opponent Evasion Chance: 20%/30%/40%/60%/80%.
- Challenging Roar: Hit Chance changed to Casting Speed: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%. In level 5 adds Spell Resistance 50%. Duration changed to 40 seconds. Cooldown changed to 120 seconds.
- Sprint: Movement Speed changed to: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%/. Added Range Received Damage: -15%/-15%/-15%/-30%/-30%. Mana cost changed to 100/120/140/160/180. Cooldown changed to 40 seconds.

- Rapid Shot: Hit Chance changed to Critical Chance: -50%.
- Duelist: Hit Chance changed to Critical Chance.
- Hinder: Opponent Hit Chance changed to Opponent Damage Bonus: -2%/-4%/-6%/-8%/-10%.
- Finesse: Opponent Hit Chance changed to Opponent Critical Chance: -10%/-25%/-40%/-60%/-90%. Duration changed to: 10/15/20/25/30.
- Dodge: Evasion Chance changed to 30/35/40/60/90.
- Evasive Tactics: Hit Chance changed to Cast Speed: -8%/-7%/-7%/-6%/-5% Protection changed to 20%/28%/36%/42%/50%.
- Cat Reflexes: Evade Chance changed to: 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%.
- Spell Elude: Spell Resistance changed to: 20%/50%/90%/140%/200%.
- Escapist: Cooldown raised to 75 seconds.
- Eagle's Eyes: Hit Chance changed to Opponent Evade Chance: -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-35%.
- Point Shot: Crit Chance changed to: 130%/140%/150%/160%/180%. Added Attack Range: -30%/-25%/-20%/-10%/-0%.
- Retaliation: Cooldown changed to 30 seconds. Mana cost changed to 120/140/160/180/200.

- Focus: Spell Focus changed to Opponent Spell Resistance -25%/-30%/-35%/-40%/-50%.
- Killer Instinct: Hit Chance changed to Opponent Evasion Chance: -100%. Added Attack Range +15%. Can only be casted in Fort Wall Walks and high zones of Castles.
- Hawk's Gaze: Hit Chance changed to Opponent Evade Chance: -10%/-20%/-30%/-40%/-50%.
- Trained Eye: Hit Chance changed to Critical Chance: 10%/30%/50%/70%/100%.
- Finger Crush: Hit Chance changed to Attack Speed.

- Training: Bonus Health changed to: 30%/45%/60%/75%/100%.
- Bestial Wrath: Damage Bonus changed to: 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%. Duration changed to 45 seconds. Cooldown changed to 45 seconds.
- Skin of the Beast: Casting time changed to: 0.5 seconds.

- Protection Dome: Spell Resist Chance changed to Absolute Spell Resist Chance: 3%/6%/10%/16%/25%. Duration changed to: 20.
- Curse: Opponent Hit Chance changed to Opponent Critical Chance: -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30%. Opponent Spell Focus changed to Opponent Damage Bonus: -2%/-4%/-6%/-8%/-10%.
- Blindness: Miss Chance changed to Opponent Evasion Chance: 50%. Duration changed to 10/15/20/25/30 seconds.
- Bless: Hit Chance and Spell Focus changed to Casting Speed and Attack Speed: 5%/5%/7%/7%/10%. Duration changed to 30/60/90/120/150 seconds. Cooldown changed to 15 seconds.

- Petrify Hands: Hit Chance changed to Critical Chance.
- Sadistic Guards: Spell Resistance changed to -30%/-40%/-50%/-70%/-100%. Duration changed to 60/55/45/35/30 seconds. Mana cost changed to 140/155/160/175/190.

- Resurrect: Removed Hit Chance.
- Shifting Silhouette: Opponent Miss Chance changed to Evade Chance: 15%/30%/45%/60%/100%. At level 5, gives -10% Ranged Received Damage and +10% Melee Received Damage. Cooldown changed to 80 seconds. Cast on self only. Mana cost changed to 220/260/300/340/380.

Gameplay - Interface
- Added: Character Sheet now allows to expand attributes to see: Spell Resistance, Health and Mana Regeneration, Movement Speed, Combat Range and Casting Speed Bonus.
- Added: Skill status of "Only blockable / resistable at 100%". This already existed for several skills but was not being mentioned in the tooltip.
- Added: When damage is reflected, now it's shown in the Combat Log after the spell or hit damage as "Reflected [X damage]" or "R[X]" if shortened combat log option is on.
- Modified: World Map height raised for it to show all forts and castles in default centered view.

Minor Fixes/Tweaks

Client - Sounds
- Fixed: Ambient sounds sometimes were not being removed. Also, "Desert Wind" sound adjusted to something more tolerable.

World Map - Terrain/Collisions
- Fixed: Daen-Rha location could be accessed from the top because of faulty collisions.

- Added: Remove Necrostacy. When more than 0%, using this item removes all Necrostacy. Only one use.
- Added: Companion Mohere. Exchanges 200 Health for 5 Main Class Attribute.
- Added: White Lion Ancient mount.

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