Version: 1.16.2 (Datum: 2016/11/18)


- Added: Turquoise Amber. Gives 10% more success chance for crafting. Lasts 3 days. Buyable through the WM merchants in the castles. Applies extra chance when starting craft. Cost: 5000 WMC.
- Added: "Finish now" button for Crafting. You can avoid waiting for crafts to finish by paying an amount of Ximerin.
- Added: One handed weapons, bows, staves, two handed weapons and off hand weapons recipes until level 60.
- New: One handed weapons: Red Death axe. Golem Claw sword. Golem Claw spear.
- New: Bows: Noble's bow. Noble's long bow. Golem claw bow. Golem claw long bow.
- New: Staves: Imperial staff. Draconic Sacrifice staff.
- New: Two handed weapons: Two handed Red Death axe. Off hand golem claw sword. Two handed golem claw spear.
- Added: Quest for Crafting at level 52 given by Rodlut (Imperia), Agras (Shaanarid) and Leired (Eferias).
- Added: Quest for Crafting at level 60 given by Rodlut (Imperia), Agras (Shaanarid) and Leired (Eferias).
- Modified: Crafting experience given by recipes was higher to make it easier for current users. Changed to normal values for new users (materials + 6 weapons should approximately be the level's XP)
- Fixed: Confusing experience values for lower levels than current one.
- Fixed: Bosses aggresivenes ignored because of their level is lower than the player's. (IE: Gohos)
- Modified: Dragon instance charges one ticket when you choose to enter the instance.
- Added: Dragon weapons recipes. They will be looted by the Dragons in the instances.
- Modified: Orc bosses chest loot is changed to new Crafting materials: Titanium ore and Tree sap.
- Modified: Some Magnanite weapons were raised in stats: Two handed sword, Sword, Long bow and Staff. (item lvl 65 to lvl 66).

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