Version: 1.19 (Datum: 2017/5/8)



- Modified: To vulnerate a realm now you must capture at least a castle and a fort and hold them for an amount of 15 minutes. Capturing all the buildings results in 10 minutes less needed.
[This system was the most appropriate for Regnum, as it allows a quick invasion if this is the attackers choice, as going to the Castle requires coordination and just attacking the forts is what happens on a daily basis. When coordinating the invasion, with only a few minutes the vulneration triggers and the realm can be invaded easily.]

- Removed: Wall Power Sources.

- Modified: Realm Relic Altars do not show relic release countdown anymore. Instead, the UI shows a countdown throughout all the area of the affected realm's warzone.
[The information on when the invasion will start will be clearer and available to anyone in the Warzone of the attacked Realm, allowing players to move out of the fortifications if needed without losing valuable insight.]

- Modified: Realm Relics can now be taken anywhere beneath the realm they belong to. They provide a buff to those around it. The carrier can't jump. The Relic only appears in the map if dropped.
[Relics had a harmful effect on the Invasions gameplay as it made it mandatory to follow the carrier and provide protection and making it obvious in the map where the army was going.]

- Modified: Locations of Gem Altars, now they are besides the Realm Portal.
[The objectives of the invasion made players divide and usually fail in one of them, mainly because some preferred earning WMC and others just stealing the Gem to open the Portal. Now, each step of the invasion will lead all players together to the same objective even if this means choosing different paths to get there.]

- Modified: To free a Realm Gem, you must kill the Lich Guard. After killing it, the Gem Dome Power sources will appear and must be destroyed.
[The previous interaction limit to obtain the Realm Gem was boring and meaningless even if it avoided abuse. Now, the Gem must be freed fighting a guard, providing challenge. Also, it will be adjustable to match the population of the server.]

- Modified: Gems located on Realm Portals can be taken by an enemy realm during the invasion with no need to eliminate protections or receive many interactions of players.
[When a Realm has stolen a Gem it means they could perform a successful invasion. In these scenarios the other Realms are mostly in disadvantage or at least low on morale to go get them back. Now, as there is no need to remove any protection, stolen Gems can be recovered easily by a small army, giving an extra incentive to do so.]

- Added: When successfully placing a Realm Gem in the Realm Portal, players all over the map (online) that helped to achieve it will receive Warmaster Coins and Experience (if applicable).
- Must be of the invader realm.
- Interactions count since the start of the vulneration of a realm.
- To count as helping to release the Realm Gem players must've interacted with specific Invasions NPCs or Objects within the invaded realm (including the wall) or also being around a stolen Gem while it's on its way to your portal.
- There are limits and safety checks to avoid several predicted abuses.
[It was common knowledge that many of the players that made an invasion and gem retrieval possible were not rewarded at all. This will not happen anymore and the best part of it is that the players will not be forced to be in a specific location to get the reward, meaning more tactical options.]

- Modified: Global dragon wishes. Now, every wish will affect not only the users that were in the portal, but also players that helped get all the gems and in some cases the whole realm.
[The players present in the Dragon Cave will get an instantaneous reward while all the other players that are accounted as contributors to opening the portal will get a similar reward by in-game mail. To count as a contributor you must have received at least one gem-stealing reward before the portal opening.]
- Fixed: Dragon attack in Realm Wall. Also, emits a sound seconds before attacking as a warning to get cover.

Other changes
- Fixed: Some clothings couldn't be painted brown or yellow.
- Fixed: Could enter Dragon Dungeon without the specific amount of needed tickets.
- Fixed: Pet was respawning with 100% health after unmounting.
- Modified: Casting progress bar now has a background color that allows to notice easily the current progress.
- Fixed: Outdated zones of the map were properly updated.
- Modified: Limitation of Realm Points and Experience in Realms without gems was removed.
- Fixed: Cannot attack players under the effect of Reveal.
- Modified: Battlezones queuing UI is now movable.
- Fixed: Unequipping Cupid Wings and similar items caused visual effects to be removed.
- Modified: Warmaster Coins wish added with 7 days wait time between choices. Is affected by WMC boost.
- Fixed: Nightmare Slasher Costume weight was incorrect.
- Fixed: Players could get stuck between rocks in Syrtis initiation zone (x437 z5506)
- Fixed: New mail sound (owl) being played before the game finishes loading.
- Fixed: Several points of the world that could be used to climb structures.
- Fixed: After acquiring a Turquoise Amber, crafts in progress were showing the Success Chance bonus incorrectly.
- Fixed: Change Skin item for Lamais.
- Fixed: Hyena mounts had wolf howl as warcry.
- Fixed: Summons couldn't be properly summoned in bridges and over other similar mapobjects.
- Fixed: Change Race item problems with tattoo switching.
- Fixed: Exiting a Battlezone after entering from the Coliseum made players appear in the initiation zone of Alsius.
- Modified: Cannot continue crafting items if maximum Finished Items has been reached.

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