Version: 1.20.1 (Datum: 2017/7/5)


- Fixed: Pressing V to visualize all allies excluded a selected target.
- Modified: Revive had problems with Protection bonus and Sanctuary, so it was modified to Sanctuary in levels 4 and 5 and given a visual effect for the target.
- Fixed: Some items in the Auction House showed wrong attributes when put to sale.
- Modified: Rock outside Herbred was allowing abuses and it was removed.
- Fixed: Creatures that give no loot were activating the Loot Scroll. (IE: BZ bosses)
- Fixed: Mounting without waiting for combat cooldown was not working in the Initiation Zone.
- Fixed: Falling damage when exiting the Tribe Camp in Syrtis' Initiation Zone.
- Fixed: Combat mode got stuck when mounting.
- Fixed: Entering the surroundings of the Golden Dragon Cave by jumping into them.
- Fixed: Being able to attack allies after a duel was finished, getting them to their saved altar.
- Fixed: Anaconda creature was untameable.
- Fixed: Texts from level restrictions to enter the Battlezones were not translated.
- Fixed: Items with zero value of gold could be sold when selling them with other valued items.
- Fixed: Description of power Warmaster's Might.
- Fixed: Quest of Squid Island was showing the wrong zone name texts.
- Fixed: Several pine trees were higher than the ground near Aggersborg Surroundings.
- Fixed: Mounting below an arch in Imperia (x2653 z1105) caused falling damage after exiting the arch.
- Modified: Active bonuses shown in the experience bar now show days and hours as well.
- Fixed: Tome of Power Sets time restriction was avoided easily by relogging.
- Fixed: Extra commerce chat at WZ Markets when the Realm Chat is available in the War Zone.
- Fixed: Realm Guard Tunics (premium) and Archmage tunics gave wrongly a damage resistance bonus.
- Fixed: Fort chests could be used by enemies if they kept the interface open before it gets captured.
- Fixed: Not being able to jump, mount or change weapons/armor when carrying a Relic.
- Fixed: Casting Darkness successfully to a target wasn't cancelling the current casting of a positive spell on them.
- Fixed: Zone around Meleketi in which the players could access without dying and leaving a Realm Gem there rendering it unrecoverable.
- Fixed: Some users weren't receiving their daily tickets reward. Also, if a player didn't log off before they are given, now it counts as well the current session.

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