Version: 0.9.26 (Datum: 2008/1/15)


- Fixed: the following items no longer modify actual health/mana, but maximum health/mana instead:
  - Bloodthirsty Sword
  - Bloodthirsty Arrow
  - Bloodthirsty Axe
  - Amulet of Emanation
- Fixed: the following items no longer increase movement speed but casting speed instead:
  - Light Leggings
  - Light Pauldron
  - Light Breastplate
  - Light Tunic
- Fixed: Ring of the Spider now grants Hit chance.
- Fixed: Ring of the Twins now grants Spell focus.
- Fixed: Ring of Telekinesis now grants increased evasion rate.
- Fixed: "Guard Training - Test IV" quest.
- Fixed: Maximum amount of creatures decreased for zone "Peninsulae East Beach".

- New: Wind wall (Re-done)
- Fixed: Castle doors can now be attacked.
- Fixed: Potential fix for quick weapons switch. You can't equip more than one item per second.
- Fixed: Evasion rate from normal and above monsters was adjusted.
- Fixed: Armor protection can no longer be negative.
- Updated: Monsters now have a smaller attack range. Damage has been kept the same but the difference between minimum and maximum has been reduced from 50% to 15%.
- Updated: Boss armor adjusted.
- Updated: Dragon stomp damage slightly increased.

- Fixed: Closing a chat tab switches the focus to "General" tab only if the former was active.

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