Version: 0.9.30 (Datum: 2008/5/13)


- New: Armor and tunic paint (Needs a DirectX 9.0/Shader model 2 compatible video card).
- New: Experience bonus scroll, +200%.
- New: Scroll of mastery.
- Fixed: After dismounting, the hunter pet now re-appears.
- Fixed: Active player auras now wear off while mounting.

- Fixed: The game now starts in windowed mode and only goes into fullscreen after a connection to the server has been established (because of this you won't miss the firewall notice).
- Fixed: Some crashes and memory leaks have been fixed.
- Fixed: Material texture variants weren't being visualized for characters other than ours (Player Characters and NPC's were affected the same).

Content: New: 3 realm introductory quests (levels 5,6,7) in Alsius, Ignis and Syrtis.
Updated: Added materials to those loot items that didn't have any. This may result in an increased level requirement on certain items.

- New: Fatigue. After being connected for several hours, experience received by killing monsters is reduced (after 3 hours = reduced by 50%, after 6 hours = reduced by 100%). Fatigue is reset daily. Fatigue doesn't affect active experience scrolls nor does affect realm points.
- Updated: Experience curve adjusted.
- Updated: NPC's merchants now show their wares ordered by equippable /category / price.
- Fixed: Dispel magic and Mass dispel magic now work as expected. Meaning, debuffs are dispelled and buffs are kept.
- Fixed: If we had a repeated item and we tried to equip one after the other, the first one would disappear.

- New: UDP connection is checked at game start, if the game cannot verify UDP traffic, it won't connect (in this case, the firewall must be setup to allow UDP traffic for Regnum, port 9960).
- Fixed: guards no longer keep going back and forth.
- Fixed: Erratic movement by the players.

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