Version: 1.6.0 (Datum: 2010/4/7)


- New: Character models: Detail of character models and armors was drastically improved, allowing better characterization, customization of body features and overall appearance.
- New: Customizable body features (eyes color, skin tone and skin details) at character creation.
- New: Detail of character models adjusts automatically to improve performance (Level of Detail).
- New: Terrain shadows.
- Updated: Realm selection interface: Various graphic tweaks were made.
- Updated: Soft transitions for interface elements at character creation.
- Updated: Characters animations: Several animations were greatly improved.
- Fixed: Terrain glitches in shaders 3 and 4.
- Fixed: Thorkul and dragons' animations.
- Fixed: Changing beard color under OpenGL Fixed and Shader Model 2 modes now works correctly.
- Fixed: Running animation of monsters now plays correctly.

- New: Archers now carry quivers while equipping arrows.
- New: Account Stash: Allows sharing items among characters of a same account.
- Updated: Overburdened characters now can't receive items through trading with other player characters, NPC traders or retrieving from stashes. However, they can receive items from monster and objects loot.
- Fixed: Special users (Developer, Admin, etc) indicators now work correctly.
- Fixed: Interaction with objects.
- Fixed: Incorrect cost shown when buying multiple arrow packs. (The deducted cost was always correct).
- Fixed: Stashes are now accessible only through Merchants.

- New: One-time-only, new characters event quest at main cities' Town Criers (Minimum level required is 20).
- Updated: Merchants' dialogs now contain information about the Stashes.
- Updated: Forts Captains' behavior: now they don't abandon their positions indefinitely.

- New: Plastic Surgery: allows changing the character's face, eyes color, skin tone and size.
- New: Change Horns: allows changing male Utghars' horns shape.
- New: Rename Mount: allows changing the name of a mount.
- New: Large and Great Character and Account Stashes: allow increasing the capacity of the Stashes.
- Updated: Character appearance windows (Dye Hair, Change Horns, etc): Help texts and buttons were tweaked; the camera now centers correctly around the character's face.
- Updated: Premium Items window now prevents buying inappropriate items for the current character.
- Updated: Trying to misuse premium items provides appropriate feedback.
- Updated: All “Fireworks” premium items price lowered.

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