Version: 1.6.6 (Datum: 2010/12/8)



- Corrected: Absent animations in world objects such as boats and exclamations signs.
- Corrected: General optimizations in RAM memory handling for the grass system and in the textures loading times. This change will slightly improve the game performance.


- New: Chat commands "/ignore_trade" and "/accept_trade", both allow to ignore/enable trade requests.
- Modified: The chat command "/ignore user" now also blocks the trade requests of given by that user.
- Corrected: Is no longer possible that a character can sit if he/she is falling from a high place. This prevents that the character remain “sited” on the air.
- Corrected: "Resurrection" and "Mass Resurrection" powers are no longer effective is the affected character is under water.
- Modified: User interface numeric values will now format using dots and decimals commas to improve its legibility.
- Corrected: The guard archers attack and vision range have been augmented. This allows them to respond attacks made from long distances.


-Modified: Nearby character's position will now update more frequently. That corrects some of the current positioning problems.


-New: General update of the entire felines, hyenas and wolves population in the entire game world. This modification includes all the variants of these creatures (cubs, adults, beastly or savage).


- New: "Restauration Elixir”. Allow to replenish health and mana simultaneosly
- New: The following mounts are now available for sale: Hyena, Smilodon, Sabertooth, Golden Wolf, White Wolf and Panther.

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